Vet Testing Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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Vet Testing Dog Pregnancy Symptoms


Knowing the basic dog pregnancy symptoms is very useful and very important.

If your dog shows unusual symptoms it is important to know enough about dog pregnancy symptoms in order to take proper care of your dog.

Even so, any dog owner can tell you that if you want to be 100% sure that your dog is pregnant and that everything is going ok, you must take your dog to the vet.

Please don’t be lazy in a situation like this. You must fined the time and drive your dog over to the local veterinarian for a more professional check-up.

It is advisable to take your pregnant dog to the vet about 4 weeks into the pregnancy.

Only after a certain amount of time into the pregnancy can the vet perform tests that well be 100% accurate.

The first test a vet can perform after approximately 30 days into the pregnancy is an ultrasound test.  The ultrasound gives you an image of the puppies inside the mother dog by using advanced sound wave technology. With the ultrasound test a vet can see exactly how many puppies are inside, and of course it confirms all the early dog pregnancy symptoms you have seen in the last 4 weeks.

The second test a vet can perform in order to see whether your dog is pregnant or not

is a blood test.  The blood test will give an indication of hormonal activity. If the vet sees that the dog’s test results are abnormal, this will prove beyond any doubt that your dog was showing real dog pregnancy symptoms.  On the other hand, if the blood test shows no increase  in the dog’s hormonal level, this means you dog was suffering from false dog pregnancy symptoms. This blood test can also be preformed only after 30 days into the pregnancy. Performing this test before then will not give you accurate results.

If your dog is diabetic, make sure you tell the vet ahead of time so that he can take this fact into consideration when looking at the results of the blood test.

As you can see, only by going to a vet for a professional pregnancy test, can you be sure that your dog has been showing real dog pregnancy symptoms.