Top 5 Symptoms of Dog Labor

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Top 5 Symptoms of Dog Labor

How well I know when my dog is going into labor? This is a very common question amongst beginner dog owners.

Sometimes a pregnant dog will surprise her owner by giving birth during the night without her owner. Imagine your surprise to wake up one day and find your beloved dog nursing a whole bunch of newly born puppies.

Of course this situation is not ideal at all. Sometimes dogs have certain complications during there delivery and well need some help from their owner.

So for those who have no clue about when there dog might go into labor, here are the top 5 symptoms of dog labor in order to help the inexperienced dog owner to have a better idea of when his or her dog might go into labor.

First of all, it is important to know that the average time for a dog’s pregnancy is 63 days. Bigger dogs usually take a few days longer to give birth and smaller dogs usually give birth before the 63 day average. If you know the exact date of the beginning of your dog’s pregnancy, all you need to do is count 63 days.

The most certain symptom on the “symptoms of dog labor” list is a drop in your dog’s temperature. This happens about 2 days before the actual delivery and is a 100% guarantee that your dog will go into labor in the next 48 hours. In the last stage of your dog’s pregnancy it is advised to take your dog’s temperature every 6-12 hours.

The third sign in the symptoms of dog labor is when you see your dog vomiting for no particular reason. Your dog is actually clearing out her stomach as part of her preparations for the delivery. Make sure to prepare food and water for your dog to eat after the delivery.

The fourth sign in the symptoms of dog labor is what we call “the nesting instinct.”  You will see your dog going in and out of her bed to make it more comfortable as she prepares it for her soon to be born puppies. This is a sure sign that the labor is close.

Last on the list of the top 5 symptoms of dog labor is noticing that your dog will start acting strangely. She will bark at strangers and other animals and keep them away. Your dog is preparing for labor by eliminating any disturbances that might occur during the delivery of her puppies.

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