S O S – Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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S O S – Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are a few general dog pregnancy symptoms that will help you to be more certain whether or not your dog is pregnant.

First of all, in the first stage of pregnancy you will see that the dog has less of an appetite. She will probably be a little less active, and be in need of more sleep. After that, you will notice that the dog’s nipples are swelling and might even change color. Also, pregnant dogs can, at times, have a change in temper. She might be more aggressive towards strangers. In addition, they will probably demand more attention from you, the owner.

Dog pregnancy lasts 63 days. Smaller dogs tent to have a shorter period of pregnancy, and larger dogs sometimes take a few days over the average of 63 pregnancy days.

After your dog gives birth to her puppies it is very important to know how to care for them. The first few days are crucial. You have to make sure that your dog gets plenty of food and water so she can produce enough milk for her little puppies. You must make sure that the temperature inside the house is not too cold for the puppies.

As much as it is important to know the dog pregnancy symptoms, it is even more important to learn about taking care of the puppies.

If you have any doubt about dog pregnancy symptoms or the symptoms of dog labor,

you must consult with your vet. Don’t be embarrassed to ask whatever question that comes to mind, even if you think it is silly.