Odd Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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Odd Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Why do people say that a dog is man’s best friend?  The answer is very obvious – dogs have personalities. Every single dog is individual and when it comes to dog pregnancy symptoms sometimes you might see that your dog does not really show normal dog pregnancy symptoms as they are written in an average book on dogs.

Your dog might show some of the symptoms that are written in the text book, and also show a few individual symptoms.

Her are some odd dog pregnancy symptoms:

First of all, some dogs, in the early stage of pregnancy, tend to sleep more then usual, and when they are awake they will show signs of lack of strength. A pregnant dog might spend a lot more time resting inside then she usually dose. Some dogs lay around all day in the beginning of their pregnancy. You will note that your dog has good days and bad days. When your dog is having a good day, it is recommended to take your dog on a walk for some exercise, but don’t over do it. Just an average walk around the block will get her blood flowing. We don’t want to exhaust our dog in her first stage of pregnancy.

Another one of the dog pregnancy symptoms you might see if your dog is pregnant is a change in appetite. Your dog will reject her regular food and prefer to eat things she usually avoids eating. If this dog pregnancy symptom occurs, it is your responsibility as the dog’s owner to find the right food for your pregnant dog.

Another not so common dog pregnancy symptom is a change in the dog’s behavior.

Some dogs start going on longer walks then usual, so that if you let your dog go out by herself she could disappear for a few hours.

Some dogs well demand more attention during their pregnancy.

A pregnant dog sometimes starts behaving like a mom. Your dog might “adopt” other dogs and puppies and act towards them as if she was the mother. Be sure to keep your dog from any dangerous situation. If she decides to “adopt” a puppy, the real mom could act aggressively toward your dog.  If you have little kids, your dog might start to be more protective of them.

Another odd pregnancy symptom is when your own dog starts behaving unfriendly toward you or members of the family.

Every dog owner must use common sense when it comes to knowing your own dog pregnancy symptoms.