Need to Know – Symptoms of Dog Labor

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Need to Know – Symptoms of Dog Labor


Most dogs will not need any help or interference when delivering their puppies. However sometimes there are complications that require the intervention of a vet or an experienced dog owner in the dog’s labor in order to help her give birth safely.

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility, not only in the day by day care for the dog, but especially at crucial times when your dog is delivering her puppies. It is vary important that you know what you are doing and to be prepared. In order to be prepared you must know ahead of time when your dog is about to go in to labor. In order to know ahead of time, you must learn about the symptoms of dog labor. When you see the first symptoms of dog labor in your pregnant dog you will have enough time to prepare for the delivery.

Dog pregnancies usually last 63 days, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

Go to the local library and look up first aid help in dog delivery. Find out what are the must common complications and what can be done to prevent them. Another way is to ask a more experienced owner of a female dog who has been through a few deliveries.

Don’t be shy to call your vet and ask him any question that comes to mind.

You must know the basic symptoms of dog labor so you can be prepared for when the time comes.

A very sure way to know whether or not your dog is about to go into labor is to check her temperature. A dog’s temperature will drop about 2 degrees the day before the delivery.

Your dog could become more aggressive toward people she does not know very well.

She will become much more protective of her territory and of her owner.

Probably most abnormal behavior at the end of the pregnancy are reliable symptoms of dog labor.

These were just a few ‘need to know’ facts on symptoms of dog labor. For more information please feel free to read more about symptoms of dog labor and general dog pregnancy symptoms in the other articles on this site.