More Thoughts on Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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More Thoughts on Dog Pregnancy Symptoms


After having several opportunities to take care of pregnant dogs I have come to these main conclusions. The most important three things for a pregnant dog are love, care, and good food. When you see that your dog is showing her first dog pregnancy symptoms such as a decrease in appetite, less active, change in her usual behavior, etc., it is best to put your dog as your top priority for the next 63 days until her puppies arrive. Try to find more time in your busy schedule to be with your dog. Take you dog on more walks then usual but don’t over do it. Remember she is pregnant. Your dog will need more attention and probably demand it. It is a good idea to take your dog to see the vet just to make sure everything is going well and of course to be sure that your dog is actually pregnant and showing the right dog pregnancy symptoms.

There is special dog food you can give your pregnant dog. This is food enriched with the right vitamins and minerals your dog needs to be in good health.

I believe it is best to find potential homes for the not yet born puppies. This way you have more then enough time to find the best homes for the puppies when they are old enough to leave their mother.

Every dog is different, and therefore every dog has different dog pregnancy symptoms.

If this is the first time you are dealing with a pregnant dog make sure to learn about the common dog pregnancy symptoms and remember them for the next time.

There are so many dog pregnancy symptoms, but your dog does not have to show them all for you to be sure she is pregnant.

Most dogs eat less food in the beginning of their pregnancy and later on make up for it with a bigger appetite towards the end of the pregnancy.

Some dogs stay very close to their owners toward the end of their pregnancy and some dogs do the opposite and wander off at the end of the pregnancy. As you can see, dogs act very differently and might show different and sometimes opposite dog pregnancy symptoms.