False Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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False Dog Pregnancy Symptoms


Were you ever 100% certain that your dog was pregnant, but in the end it turned out to be just a false pregnancy?  It is a very common story. Soon after being in heat, a dog starts to show all the regular dog pregnancy symptoms. She will have morning sickness. She will seem to have less energy and demand more attention. Seeing these dog pregnancy symptoms well make you believe that your dog is in her early stage of pregnancy. Some people get exited and call all there friends and relatives and tell them the good news.

After a few weeks of believing your dog is pregnant, you, being a responsible and caring dog owner, take your dog for a check-up at the local vet. How surprised you are to find out that your dog is not pregnant at all. The vet well smile and explain to you that your dog was showing false dog pregnancy symptoms and that you are not the first dog owner, and probably not the last, to come in with a dog  that is only suffering from false dog pregnancy symptoms. Any vet who has been around in the business for enough time can tell you all about false dog pregnancy symptoms and how common they are.

The false dog pregnancy symptoms usually come right on time, right after the dog was in heat. These false dog pregnancy symptoms are caused by a hormonal disorder which the dog gets sometimes, after being in heat. These hormones cause the dog to act as if she is pregnant. In some cases, a dog could act in a more “motherly” kind of way. Sometimes it might even try to adopt another dog’s puppies. These situations might actually be very dangerous for your dog if it is this way inclined, because the other dog is usually very protective about her puppies.

False dog pregnancy symptoms are very common, so for the inexperienced dog owner it is good to know that such a phenomenon exists.

When your dog begins to show certain dog pregnancy symptoms it is vary important to take her for a check-up at the vet so you can know right at the beginning whether or not she is pregnant.