Early Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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Early Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

In modern times dogs become pregnant in two ways.

The fist way a dog becomes pregnant is breeding. Dog owners usually want to breed their dog when she is a pure specific breed with the right papers that show she is a pure breed – for instance, an Irish setter, husky, afgani, etc.  A dog with the right papers that prove it is a pure breed is much more valuable then a mixed dog. This is why people who own a dog with papers prefer to breed there dog with the same kind so they can sell the puppies for a good price. Some dogs sell for thousands of dollars.

The second way for a dog to become pregnant is the more natural way when the female dog meets with a male dog when she is in heat. This usually means that the female dog owner was not careful enough and let the dog wander unsupervised during the period she is in heat. This is why the less experienced dog owners should learn about early dog pregnancy symptoms because they might not always be aware that their dog got pregnant in the first place. If the dog got pregnant the first way, there is very little need for knowing the early dog pregnancy symptoms.

For the nonprofessional dog owners we’ve put together a few early dog pregnancy symptoms in order to help them know as soon as possible whether or not there dog has become pregnant. It is important to know as early as possible that your dog is pregnant in order to care for your dog in the right way.

The first of the early dog pregnancy symptoms is lack of appetite. You will note that your dog eats less then she usually does and sometimes won’t touch her food for a whole day. This is probably the most common of the early dog pregnancy symptoms.

Some dogs in the early stage of pregnancy need more attention then usual. They will stay close to their owner as much as they can, and prefer to stay indoors most of the day.

A dog owner might note that his dog becomes less active in general, and prefers to lay around the house and rest.

A pregnant dog needs more care and more attention and also proper food. You can buy your dog special pregnancy food to provide her with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is always advisable to ask your dog’s vet about how to care for a pregnant dog.