Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

If you think your dog is pregnant you should check with your vet first before jumping to conclusions. Your vet will be able to help you determine if it really is dog pregnancy symptoms or something else and will give you advice on how to prepare, help and support your dog for the period of the pregnancy.

By the way, a dog can only get pregnant if she has mated while she is in heat. This means that if your dog was not in heat at the time of potential conception you should not expect your dog to get pregnant. Pregnancy normally lasts around 63 days although this time can vary by a few days either way.

The different dog pregnancy symptoms can change throughout the term of the pregnancy so it can initially be a challenge to diagnose. The primary stages of pregnancy have four parts to take note of and these comprise:

1. decrease of energy.

2. lack of appetite caused by a canine version of morning sickness,

3. growth under the nipples in preparation for milk production

4. general behavioral changes.

Behavioral changes can be difficult to spot as the dog may want to be left alone during the pregnancy or may try to get as much affection from her owner as possible. Depending on her behavior prior to pregnancy you may not notice the change at all. It is a very exciting time as the due date gets nearer, but if your dog is requesting solitude during pregnancy respect her wishes and try not to disturb her too much.

As the pregnancy continues, you can expect your dog’s appetite to increase somewhat and of course, providing it is a healthy pregnancy, your dog should start gaining some weight about a month into the pregnancy.

Dramatic changes in dog pregnancy symptoms occur during the last couple of weeks of the term. You should definitely notice a considerable increase in the abdomen of your dog – a sure sign of puppies inside. The size of this swelling can vary depending on the breed and size of the dog. However a good indicator is that it will be firmer to the touch then previously. You may even feel and see movement within the bulge.