10 Facts on Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

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10 Facts on Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are a few words for the less experienced dog owners.


We have gathered some very important information regarding dog pregnancy symptoms. Of course the information on dog pregnancy is endless, and therefore we have put together the top 10 most important facts on dog pregnancy and dog pregnancy symptoms.

First of all, dogs give birth after 63 days of pregnancy.  Sixty-three days is the average pregnancy time for most dogs, although there are certain breeds that have a slightly different pregnancy time.

If you own a larger then average dog you should expect your dog’s pregnancy period to last a few days longer then the average of 63.

If you own a smaller then average dog, you should expect your dog to give birth a few days before the average of 63 days.

In the first 2-3 weeks of the pregnancy, it is very hard to notice any dog pregnancy symptoms, as sometimes there aren’t any. You might notice a little change in the dog’s behavior and lack of appetite, but it is very hard to be sure. Also a vet’s diagnosis in the first two weeks of your dog’s pregnancy is never 100% accurate.

If you do go to the vet in a later stage of the pregnancy, the vet can perform an ultra-sound test to hear the heart beats of the puppies inside your dog. This test will only work from the 28th day into the pregnancy. Another way the vet can check whether or not your dog is pregnant is to perform a blood test. A blood test will show a change in your dog’s hormonal level if in fact she is pregnant. This test is also only accurate from the 30th day into the dog’s pregnancy. Until then you well have to make do with the regular dog pregnancy symptoms.

One of the must certain dog pregnancy symptom is to check you dog’s nipples. During the pregnancy the dog’s nipples swell and become enlarged and their color becomes darker.

In the first weeks of pregnancy dogs tend to have a decrease in their appetite. Sometimes pregnant dogs won’t touch there food fore a whole day. Later on the dog has an increase in her appetite which makes up for the lack of food in the beginning of the pregnancy.

Pregnant dogs like more attention from there owners and sometimes they will even demand it.

In the second half of the pregnancy it well be easy to see the change in your dog’s shape. Her stomach well get 20%-50% larger.

We hope you have found these facts on dog pregnancy symptoms must helpful.